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Halotronics RV Water Valve Replacement Kit for Pedal-Flush Toilets – Sealand/Dometic 300, 301 310, 311, 320, 321 (Hardware Included)


  • Features | This replacement kit includes all necessary parts to get your valve working properly.
  • Design | This model is for use in Sealand/Dometic 300, 301, 311, 320, and 321 units. This valve is simple to use. Attach threaded spout to the outgoing water supply hose. Next, snap the opposite end into incoming water supply.
  • Quality | Strong and durable ABS plastic ensures a perfect fit for your existing toilet’s hardware. The threaded spout screws in tight into your water line to protect from leaks, and is resistant to fractures.
  • Installation | This valve is easy to install. All you need is a few simple tools. Simply place the product and screw down until secure. Once installed, this valve is easily removed and will not damage your toilet or water line.
  • Specifications | Compatible with Sealand Dometic part #385311641 for toilets 300, 301, 310, 311, 320, 321. Included parts: water valve, hose clamp, and screw fasteners.

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WEST ORGIN 31705 Toilet Water Valve Kit, Compatible with Thetford Aqua-Magic V High and Low Models


  • 31705 Replacement valve kit
  • Use high-quality materials to extend the service life of the valve
  • Including valves and seals
  • Please confirm whether your model is suitable before buying


2-Handle Thermostatic Shower Valve Trim Wall mount US STANDARD Plumbing, Exposed Shower Faucet with Constant Temperature water mixer for Bathroom, RV, Clawfoot Tub


  • 【AMERICAN STANDARD FITTINGS】 comes with 1/2 NPT S-shape adapters to make installation using typical USA plumbing threaded pipes
  • 【CONSTANT WATER TEMPERATURE】 thermostatic shower mixing valve seriously works like a magic and adjust the water temperature so fast that you can barely feel the temperature fluctuations. It provides a constant water temp out on its output to prevent accidental scalding. It automatically balance the cold and hot water pressure to maintain water temperature stable in a quick time, eliminating the need for manual adjustment.
  • 【ON-WALL MOUNT】comes with instructions; External (or exposed) mounted shower mixers is perfect for bathroom, RV, clawfoot tub, etc.
  • 【POLISHED CHROME】 It’s sleek, modern and contemporary, It is a perfect choice for every bathroom and every situation, whether a renovation or new build, behind or in front of the wall, a single private residence or extensive commercial project
  • 【HEAVY DUTY & SOLID BRASS】Mainly made of quality brass material, sturdy and longevity

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I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “you get what you pay for” but is it really true? When it comes to halotronics rv water valve replacement kit products, this may be one of those cases when you should consider paying a little more for quality. But how do you know which brand has the best quality and prices? Here are some tips on what to look for when deciding between brands. 

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RecPro RV City Water Fill Diverter Valve


  • RV Water Fill Diverter Valve and Plate
  • Changes water source between the city water fill and the fresh water holding tank
  • Fit type: Universal fit
  • 1/2″ Pex Connections
  • Made in America


Valve – Plastic – Bypass – w/Pex Elbow – No Plate – Blue Handle



    New Durable RV Toilet Valve Parts with Toilet Seal, Water Valve Kit 38531164 for Dometic 300 310 320 Series Pedal Flush Valve Toilets RV Camper Marine Toilet Flush Valve Replacement Kit


    • 【Durable ABS Materials with Improved Service Time】: this RV toilet valve parts are well made of ABS plastic materials and blended sturdy construction, which won’t produce fails, cracks or leaks, and provide longer serve lifetime, our dometic rv toilet parts is the great replacement kit for your toilet’s hardware
    • 【Compatible Professionally with Dometic RV Toilet】: the water valve kit set and flush ball gaskets are compatible with dometic 300, 310, 320 series RV toilets, this rv toilet valve compare to Dometic Sanitation 385311641 Water Valve Kit F300/F310 with great performance
    • 【Easy to Install】: snap qthe rv flush valve in, secure with 2 screws, and reconnect water lines to replace the valve set; make it easier on yourself if you don’t have ample room behind your toilet and use a mirror (or your phone in selfie mode) so that you can see the back of the assembly
    • 【Complete Replacement Set】 : you will get 1 x 385311641 DOMETIC TOILET VALVE, 1 x RV TOILET BALL SEAL REPLACEMENT, 1 x HOSE CLAMP, 2 x STAINLESS MESH FILTERS and 2 x SCREWS, all necessary parts to get your valve working properly
    • 【Using Tips】: check part numbers to ensure proper fit; During the installing the rv toilet valve, please insure to install button with the correct angle in case that being broken, and the black part of the edge of the dometic toilet valve is not dirty, it is produced by ultrasonic welding if you have any other questions on this dometic rv toilet parts replacement, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always glade to help

    Top retailers you can find for buying halotronics rv water valve replacement kit products

    The question of where to buy halotronics rv water valve replacement kit products can be a daunting decision. There are different retailers that offer different things and it’s hard to know which one is the best option for you. One retailer offers low prices but doesn’t have as many options as other retailers.

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    Anderson Brass – MANRV101-RF – 4 Function – RV Fill Station – Anderson Valve – W/Check Valve and Plate



      Beech Lane RV Upgraded Toilet Water Valve Assembly 385314349 for Dometic Sealand EcoVac Vacuflush Pedal Flush Toilets, Leak Resistant, Increased Lifespan, High Performance in Freezing Conditions


      • UPGRADED REPLACEMENT VALVE FOR DOMETIC SEALAND TOILETS WITH RE-ENGINEERED POLYMER CONSTRUCTION – For use with the Dometic 510, the Beech Lane replacement valve has been redesigned with upgraded materials and construction to improve function and lifespaan.
      • LEAK FREE DESIGN FOR DOMETIC TOILET MODELS – The valve fits the following Dometic / Sealand toilet models: 506+, 510+, 511 H, 547+, 548+, 706, 709, 748, 749, 806, 808, 847, 848, 1147, 1148, 2010, 2011, 5006, 5047, 5048, 5049, EcoVac 146-149, VacuFlush 168, VacuFlush 606, VacuFlush 647, VacuFlush 648, VacuFlush 1006, VacuFlush 1008, VacuFlush 1047, VacuFlush 1048, VacuFlush 1049, VacuFlush 1106, VacuFlush 5146, VacuFlush 5147, VacuFlush 5148, VacuFlush 5149.
      • IMPROVED VALVE LIFESPAN – These valves are designed to last multiple seasons, so you don’t have to replace them year after year. Get one repalcement and be done with it.
      • ENGINEERED FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE IN FREEZING CONDITIONS – Gone are the days of having a valve freeze with water in it and start leaking afterwards. These are rated for freezing conditions, and will continue to perform after a long winter.
      • HASSLE-FREE LIFETIME WARRANTY – Whether the valve simply wasn’t what you expected, or if it didn’t work as well as you hoped, your purchase is proctected by a 100% lifetime warranty.

      Choosing halotronics rv water valve replacement kit products retailers from thousands of choices

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      2) What type of product are you looking for?


      DANCO Tub and Shower 3-Handle Remodeling Trim Kit for Sayco, Chrome (39620)


      • TUB AND SHOWER REBUILD KIT FOR SAYCO: This Danco remodeling kit is specifically designed to repair your Sayco tub and shower leaky shower valve
      • 3-HANDLE TUB/SHOWER REPAIR: Trim kit repairs 3-handle tub and shower Sayco Bath 308/308T series tub/showers (from 1968)
      • HASSLE-FREE INSTALLATION – Complete rebuild kit has all the parts needed for a cost-effective leaky faucet repair solution
      • BUILT TO LAST: The durable brass stems and metal handle construction provides strength and reliable performance
      • CHROME FINISH – The handles and handle flanges has a classic chrome finish that will update and complement your existing bathroom decor
      • COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES – This remodeling kit includes all the parts needed to rebuild the existing valve body, (1) 9B-3H Stem, (1) 9B-3C Stem, (1) 9B-5D Stem, (3) #113 seats (1/2 inch x 20 thread), (3) handles with H/C/D index buttons, (3) handle flanges, (3) sleeves (3-3/16 inch length with a ID of 1-1/16 inch), and a socket wrench
      • COMPLIANT: Complies with the reduction of lead in drinking water act

      Insights on how to find a halotronics rv water valve replacement kit product with the best functions

      Do you have a halotronics rv water valve replacement kit product in mind but don’t know which one to get? Check out our list of top halotronics rv water valve replacement kit products below. We review and compare the different options in each category so that you can make an informed decision when buying a new halotronics rv water valve replacement kit product.

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      Camco Ready to Use Gate Valve with Built-in Clear Adapter | Fits All 3-inch Sewer Fittings | Ready to Use Construction (39053)


      • Backup Gate Valve: Provides a quick fix for leaky valves
      • Clear Adapter: The 3 ½-inch long clear adapter allows you to see when the tank is completely empty
      • Universal Fit: Fits all 3-inch sewer fittings
      • Features: Clear adapter features (4) bayonet prongs for easy hookup; Cap provides a leak-free, odor-tight connection
      • Ready to Use: Simply connect to your RV’s drain pipe

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