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Mytee Products (10 Pack) 3/8 Grade 70 Clevis Grab Hooks Wrecker Tow Chain Flatbed Truck Trailer


  • Pack Size: 10 Pack
  • Forged Alloy Steel G70
  • G70 3/8″ Grab Hooks
  • Weight: 1.2 Lbs
  • Working Load Limit: 6600 Lbs

Weld On Grab Chain Hook G70 3/8″ Weld On Chain Grab Hooks Bucket Flatbed Trailer Wrecker Tow Tie Down Forged Steel Working Load Limit: 6600 lbs


  • Weld-on Type, Grab, Hook. Working load limit 6600 lb.. Size 3/8 inch, Grade 70, for use with 3/8 in chain
  • The best hook-used for welding on the tractor bucket, it is very suitable for any field of use, and can be used with the following statements: weld on hooks weld chain hook weld on clevis weld-on clevis grab chain hooks weld tow hook weld hooks for buckets forks weld hook3/8 weld hook grab hooks 3/8weld on grab hook weldable hooks weldon hooks weld clevis hook 3/8weld on chain hooks
  • Grab hooks work well with chains and ratchet binders for securing your load or for tow anchors.
  • Material: Forged Steel,Package Includes:4pcs hooks
  • Note: Any use of any brand name or model designation for this product is made solely for purposes of demonstrating compatibility. We make every effort to provide customers with satisfactory service. Feel free contact us by emails if you have any problems.

Weldable Chain Hooks, 3/8″ Weld-On Forged Clevis Grab Chain Hooks, 3/8 Chain Hook Grade 70 for Bucket Flatbed Trailer Wrecker Tow, Weld On Grab Hook, Working Load Limit 6600 lbs, 3 Pack by BOOTOP


  • Set of 3 Weld on Grab Chain Hooks 3/8″ G70 Best to Weld on Tractor Bucket Trailer, Rigging. Working load limit 6600 lb.; Trade size 3/8 inch, grade 70, for use with 3/8 in chain.
  • Weld-on Type Grab Hook. Working load limit 6600 lb.. Size 3/8 inch, Grade 70
  • Weld On Grab Chain Hook G70 work well with chains and ratchet binders for securing your load or for tow anchors.
  • Material: Forged Steel. The best hook-used for welding on the tractor bucket, it is very suitable for any field of use.

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labwork Tow Chain Grade 70 Chain V-Bridle with RJT Cluster Hooks Tow Truck Winch Cable Pull Wrecker Recovery Grab


  • Working load limit of 5400 lbs
  • This adjustable V-Bridle uses 5/16 short pitch chain and has 4 attachment options
  • The leg chain length is 3ft. and the overall length is 3ft. 9in
  • Use these on your Flat Bed Trailer, Tow Truck or Auto Hauler
  • This unit will also attach to your existing winch

G70 V Chain Bridle w/ 8″ Medium J Hooks, T- Hook & J-Hook w/Grab Hooks 2′ Legs Wrecker


  • Working Load Limit: 4700 lbs
  • Capacity: 18,800 lbs
  • End Fittings: 8″ Medium J Hooks, T- Hook & J-Hook
  • Top Fittings: Pear Link w/ Grab Hooks
  • Legs: 2 ft

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Mytee Products (10 Pack) 5/16 Grade 70 Clevis Grab Hooks Wrecker Tow Chain Flatbed Truck Trailer


  • Pack Size: 10 Pack
  • Replacement Set for 5/16″ Chains
  • Weight: 0.9 Lbs
  • Working Load Limit: 4700 Lbs
  • Clevis Grab Hook with Pins, Forged Alloy Steel G70

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(2) 1/2″ Clevis Chain Grab Hook Wrecker Tow Truck Trailer Clevis Rigging PIN Transport G70 Chain Flatbed TIE Down 0900123-2



10 Pack of 5/16″ Grab Hooks F Wrecker Tow Truck Chain Hooks G-70


  • 10x 5/16″ Clevis Hooks G-70
  • 4,700 lbs Working Load Limit
  • 18,800 lbs Breaking Strength
  • Perfect for 5/16″ chains
  • Great for towing!

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TUZILLA 3/8″ Tractor Bucket Hook Grade 70 Forged Steel Bolt On Grab Hook Tow Hook Mount with Backer Plate Flatbed Trailer Wrecker Tow Tie Down Forged Steel Maximum Break Strength 15,000 lbs RED 2PCS


  • 【Load】Made of Heavy Duty Drop Forged Steel,Galvanized and Power Coated finish ,which provides high-strength anti-rust ability and can deal with severe weather such as rain and snow. Grab hook is grade 70 rated at 7,500 lb,Up To 15000LBS.
  • 【Function】Forged Grab hooks work well with chains and ratchet binders for securing your load or for tow anchors. Ideal for lifting or pulling loads and various objects.
  • 【Installation】Quick-On Bucket Hooks install literally in seconds. No welding are required. Installation only requires drilling two 1/2″ holes per hook.
  • 【Hardware】The hook comes with all the necessary installation ( 1/2″ x 1-1/2″ bolts and nylon nuts).
  • 【Package】3/8in Tractor bucket grab hook with backer plate and all installation hardware.

TYFYB 2 Ton Snatch Block w/Chain Flatbed Tow 3″ Sheave 3/8″ X 2′ G70 Steel Truck Rollback Wrecker Car Carrier Cable with Grab Hook


  • ★Designed for safe; easy and efficient load lifting;Durable and long lifespan;Tough, heavy duty towing chain;Premium, industrial grade material
  • ★Color: Gold, Black, Red;Material: G70 Steel;Sheave Size: 3″;Wire Rope: 3/8″;Working Load Limit: 2 Tons;End Fitting: 2 ft G70 5/16 Chain Anchor
  • ★Our gold-chromate chain is corrosion-resistant, so it won’t wear out from rust over time. G70 chains are specialized steel designed to handle 700 newtons per square millimeter! They’re well-suited to tow a heavy vehicle.
  • ★Our snatch block and shackle utilizes grease fittings, also called Zerk fittings or Alemite fittings, to continually move lube from a grease gun to the fitting point at the top and sides of the snatch block.
  • ★Our snatch block is compatible with ⅜ inch wire rope, which makes it compatible with both steel core (IWRC) wire rope and fibre core (FC) wire rope options. Choose the wire rope that’s right for the job at hand!

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