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Bulldog 500106 Silver Universal Sidewind Gear Kit (for up to and Including 5000 lbs. Capacity Models)


  • Replacement sidewind gear set for Bulldog jacks
  • For up to and including 5,000 lb. capacity models – Series: 139, 159, 170 Crown 2,000/3,000/5,000 lb.
  • 4 piece kit includes: 2 gears and 2 roll pins
  • Repairing your existing jack is an economical option to replacing the entire jack; genuine Bulldog parts ensure perfect component fit

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Bulldog 5002581360 Gear Kit for Jack


  • Bulldog a trusted industry leader
  • Great Performance
  • Enhance your vehicle
  • Fast Shipping


Fulton 0933306S00 Bevel Gear Kit; For 1200 lb Jacks



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Dutton-Lainson 22437 Miter Gear Kit for Jack


  • Instantly swings from lifting position to towing position
  • 1/2-inch spring loaded latch pin releases and locks the jack


Lippert 191023 JT’s Strong Arm Fifth-Wheel Jack Stabilizer Kit


  • ELIMINATES CHASSIS MOVEMENT — The JT’s Strong Arm Stabilizer Kit is designed to eliminate chassis movement in your 5th wheel RV or travel trailer using the same engineering as a race car chassis
  • EASY INSTALLATION — With no welding required, this system can easily bolt-on to your landing gear and RV’s frame for a one-time installation
  • THREE CONFIGURATIONS — Available in three sizes: Standard 5th Wheel Kit, Short 5th Wheel Kit and Travel Trailer
  • COMPATIBILITY — This stabilizer kit was designed to work with most major RV jack assemblies — including, scissor, front landing gear and telescoping
  • FULLY EQUIPPED — Kit comes complete with inner tubes, outer tubes and all necessary mounting and installation hardware
  • RV fifth-wheel jack stabilizer kit comes complete with everything needed for DIY installation
  • Designed to eliminate side-to-side and front-to-rear RV movement and shaking; Stabilizer bars form triangles at front and rear jacks to prevent shaking and swaying
  • The kit was designed for installation by your dealer or the do-it-yourself on fifth-wheel RVs with 58 inches or greater distance between the two front landing gear legs


Powered 5th Wheel Landing Gear Leg Set


  • Powered 5th Wheel Landing Gear Leg System 5,000 Lb Rating (1 Lead/Drive and 1 Follow/Idle)
  • You will need one switch per motor – if you do not have a switch you will need to purchase one for this system to run.
  • Kit Includes: (One) Lead/Drive (One) Follow/Idle (One) 5th Wheel Landing Gear Motor (One) Reduction Gear Box (One) Cross Bar (Two) Foot pad
  • No Mounting Hardware Included – LEG TAB DISTANCES 15 ½” Inner Edge to Inner Edge 17 ½” Outer Edge to Outer Edge
  • 12 Volt MOTOR Two wire installation (reverse the polarity of the wires if motor is running backwards) Turns 5,500 R.P.M. Internal Gear Box Turns at 190 R.P.M. Output Torque Powerful 12V gearbox providing approximately 150 in-lbs of output torque Clutch protected to prevent system overloading *See Install Instructions

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Andersen Hitches Ultimate Trailer Gear Trailer Jack Block Bag


  • With the Andersen Hitches Ultimate Trailer Gear Duffel Bag, you’ll have everything you need to make your campsite set up a breeze! The perfect RV Leveling Kit & RV Accessories all in one sturdy carry bag with handles
  • A full camper leveler kit (2 Camper Levelers, 2 TUFF chocks) are included in the bag! Simply drive on until level, chock… and DONE! You’ll won’t have to struggle with heavy boards or building blocks
  • Drive on to the Rapid Jack to lift your trailer to change a tire. The Rapid Jack can also double as a jack wheel holder, a jack block post, a pad block, and a wheel chock
  • Keep 90% of the dirt OUTSIDE of your RV, Trailer, or Home, with the innovative Clean Step! No more dirty, worn-out mats to throw away… and less dirt inside means less cleaning for you! Just rinse the Clean Step with water
  • When you need a pad for your trailer jack or stabilizer legs, look no further than the TUFF pad from Andersen Hitches


Power Gear 12K Jack Service Kit for 2003 and Prior Leveling


  • Package Dimensions: 16.1 L x 17.2 H x 16.8 W (centimeters)
  • Power Gear Number: 800137S
  • For use in Power Gear Leveling Systems
  • Fit type: Universal Fit


CURT 28958 Replacement Direct-Weld Square Jack Gears for #28575


  • Compatible with CURT direct weld square jack #28575
  • Strong steel construction
  • Easy installation
  • Includes two gears and two shear pins
  • Trailer jack sold separately

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