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Suburban 520788 120V Electric Thermostat for SW Model


  • The Package Length of the Product is 11.684 centimeters
  • The Package Width of the Product is 3.302 centimeters
  • The Package Height of the Product is 2.54 centimeters
  • Country of Origin: CHINA


Suburban 520788 120V Electric Thermostat for SW Model Quantity 2


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    EconoHome Adjustable Thermostat – Universal Plugin Heating & Cooling Thermostat – Compatible with Most EconoHome Wall Mount Space Heaters


    • EASY TO OPERATE: Just plug in this adjustable thermostat, select heat / cool mode with the user-friendly switch and it will automatically turn on or off your heating or cooling devices through your preset target temperature.
    • EFFORTLESS TEMPERATURE SETUP: This non-digital plugin thermostat comes with an adjustable temperature dial and the current temperature is displayed on the center for easy reference. Temperature control range is 41-86°F.
    • SAVES YOU ON YOUR HOME ENERGY BILLS: You’re always a winner with this heating & cooling thermostat. It’s energy efficient while maintains a consistent ambient room temperature.
    • VERSATILE USES: Suitable for most portable space heaters, window air conditioners, and circulating fans. Can also be used for refrigeration, fermentation, greenhouse fan and designed to suit almost any application you can imagine.
    • SAFE & RELIABLE: This 3-Prong thermostat plug into a standard socket is ETL listed and rigorously tested for quality control and safety. Conforms to UL Std No. 60730-1, 60730-2-9. Rated Voltage is 125VAC 60Hz, Max Loading: 15A 1875W and has a recoverable overload short circuit. Dimensions: 5” x 2.5” x 2.5”

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    Honeywell Home CT410B Manual 4 Wire Premium Baseboard/Line Volt Thermostat CT410B1017


    • Mechanical operation, non-programmable thermostat
    • Bi-Metal Temperature Sensor
    • 120 – 240 volt, 4 wire. Easy to install and use.Compatible with baseboards. Can control up to 5,280 Watts.
    • Positive off
    • Easy to install

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    ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control , Black


    • Save up to 26% annually on heating and cooling costs (compared to a hold of 72°F)
    • Included SmartSensor extends comfort to your most important rooms
    • Comes with Alexa Built-in for calls, music, and added control
    • Automatically pauses your HVAC system anytime a door or window is left open (requires ecobee SmartSensor for doors and windows and a Haven subscription)
    • Integrates seamlessly with your preferred smart home system


    PRYSM Oven Thermostat Replaces WB20K10023


    • This Oven Thermostat Directly Replaces the following Part #’s: WB20K10023, 164D2793P001, 183D5463P001, 223C3823P001, 251863, 6460G0003G, AH235170, EA235170, PS235170, WB20K0006, WB20K0008, WB20K10008, WB20K6, WB24X20656
    • Quality you can Trust! All PRYSM Products are made with premium materials and are tested so they last
    • Buy with Confidence! PRYSM Parts always come with a 1 Year Warranty
    • Installation Instructions available on our website
    • Compatible with all major brands

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    Honeywell Home RLV4305A1000/E1 Electric Baseboard Heaters Rlv4305A1000/E 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat, 240 V, 1 Deg F, Whites


    • Separate programming for the weekdays and weekends; up to 4 program periods per day
    • Saves energy with personalized temperature control
    • Compatible with electric baseboards (120-240V), convectors, and radiant ceilings. Product dimensions (WxDxH):4.8 x 1.2 x 5 inches
    • TRIAC silent switching for accurate temperature control of +/-0.5°F.Storage temperature:-4°F to 120°F (-20°C to 50°C)
    • Fast, easy, two-wire installation. High capacity, up to 3,500 watts at 240 volts.

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    Honeywell TL8230A1003 Line Volt Thermostat 240/208 VAC 7 Day Programmble


    • 7 day programmable – maintain the pre-set program schedule for up to 20% energy savings, or modify the schedule to fit your lifestyle. 208/240V
    • Electronic temperature control – precision of ±1 F saves up to an additional 10% on heating bills; 15 A (Resistive), 50/60 Hz, 4 Wires, Double Pole, 15 minute heating cycles, Battery Free
    • Soundproofed for quiet operation – reduces the clicking noise commonly heard with conventional thermostats
    • Large, clear, backlit display – easy to read in various lighting conditions
    • Early start – ensures programmed temperature is reached by programmed time


    SunTouch Command Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat [universal] Model 500850 (low-profile, user-friendly floor heat control, 120/240V, bright white + paintable beauty ring) includes floor sensor


    • Easy and reliable way to control your floor heating system(s) up to 15A
    • Intuitive 7-day schedule makes it simple to program floor heating times to suit your lifestyle
    • Dual Voltage 120/240V with built-in GFCI for safety and energy use monitoring
    • Thin profile brilliant 3.5 inch touch display with multiple color themes to choose from
    • Equipped with comprehensive help screens and programming setup wizard

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    WADEO Adjustable Thermostat Probe Control Cord for Masterbuilt Smokers Cord Replacement.(15A Max, 110V)


    • UL certified 110V Adjustable Controller Thermostat Probe Cord (14AWG), probe control with 40mm spacing between terminals. Please confirmed the size fits your device before purchasing.
    • Adjustable Temperature Range: 50F-550F (Depends on the size of your smoker/grill). The built-in controller heating indicator makes it convenient for you to check the working status of the temperature- controlled power cord.(1500W)
    • Length: The adjustable controller thermostat probe cord is 1.8m long, so you don’t have to worry about the power cord being too long, and you can enjoy the food outdoors as much as you like.
    • Material: The temperature control power cord is made of superior flexible rubber cable. And our wire is UL certified.
    • Application: Our adjustable temperature-controlled power cord is suitable for Masterbuilt Smokers. ??If you want to use this product on other brand electric smokers grill heating elements, please make sure the size is suitable.

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    1.What is the product
    2.Features of the product
    3.Benefits of the product
    4.Drawbacks of the product
    5.How to use it
    6.Price and availability



    Honeywell Home RTH2300B1038 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat, White


    • Backlit display for easy viewing
    • Precise temperature control of +/- 1°F
    • Separate programs for the weekdays and weekends with 4 program periods per day
    • For use with central gas, oil, or electric furnaces & AC
    • For millivolt systems
    • Battery change reminder
    • Retains memory in event of power outage


    Honeywell Home YRLV4300A1014 Programmable Electric Baseboard Heater Thermostat/Reads out in Celsius, Convertible to Fahrenheit with Menu, White (Renewed)


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