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Valterra F02-3101 RV Drain Hose Connection EZ Coupler Valve Adapter , Red


  • No hose clamps needed
  • Self threading and creates a leak proof seal
  • Creates an extension with F02-3108 (sold separately)
  • Creates a leak proof seal

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Valterra D04-0113 EZ Coupler 10′ RV Extension Hose, Red


  • RV EXTENSION HOSE: Provides extra reach and dependable draining for your RV or camper
  • DURABLE VINYL COVERING: Features a 10′ hose with an 18 mil vinyl material that offers UV protection and superior strength for dependable use in a variety of different conditions
  • INCLUDES ROTATING FITTINGS: Features rotating, bayonet-style fittings to prevent kinks and keep hose flat for a secure fit
  • CLEAN OPERATION: No-leak design of the hose’s connections provides mess-free operation
  • COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN: Hose measures 10′ when extended and collapses to 25″ for easy storage when not in use



  • RV SEWER ADAPTER: Works with your existing bayonet-style drain hose fittings with no extra tools or hose clamps for easy installation
  • 90-DEGREE DRAIN FITTING: Features a 90-degree elbow that easily presses into multiple sizes of sewer outlets for easy draining
  • LEAK-PROOF DESIGN: Press-in and threaded fit provides a gas-tight connection for mess-free use
  • VERSATILE DESIGN: Multi-tiered design presses into different sizes of sewer outlets and includes 3″, 3-1/2″, and 4″ threads for use at any campground or RV site
  • IDEAL SIZE: Compact size provides convenient installation and easy storage when not in use

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Valterra F02-3108 EZ Coupler Bayonet Fitting, Red


  • EZ Coupler Bayonet Fitting
  • Creates an extension hose with F02-3101
  • Self-threaded and secure
  • No hose clamps needed
  • Fit type: Universal Fit

Valterra F02-3103 Red Bulk EZ Coupler Sewer Adapter


  • RV SEWER ADAPTER: Twists directly onto your existing drain hose with no extra tools or hose clamps for easy installation
  • 90-DEGREE DRAIN FITTING: Turns your RVs drain hose into a 90-degree elbow that easily presses into multiple sizes of sewer outlets for easy draining
  • 3/4″ CONNECTOR INCLUDED: Includes a 3/4″ threaded connector for a second gray water tank
  • VERSATILE DESIGN: Multi-tiered design presses into different sizes of sewer outlets for use at any campground or RV site
  • COMPACT SIZE: Compact size and 2-piece design allows it to remain attached to your hose for convenient use

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Valterra EZ Coupler 20-Foot RV Sewer Hose Kit, Universal Sewer Hose for RV Camper, Includes 2 Attachable 10-Foot Hoses with Rotating Fittings and 90 Degree Clearview Sewer Adapter


  • Camper sewer hose kit: The EZ Coupler hose kit includes 2 collapsible 10-foot hoses with rotating fittings plus a 90 degree universal sewer adapter
  • Compact storage: Hose collapses from 10 feet to 25 inches for convenient storage
  • Leak-proof: Pre-installed rotating fittings with bayonet hooks ensure a leak-proof system and keep hose flat
  • Clear view adapter: 90-degree sewer fitting is transparent, allowing you to see when draining is complete. It fits 6 different sewer types with a gas-tight steal
  • Durable material: 18 mil thick hose material prevents leaks

Valterra F02-3106BK Black Bulk EZ Coupler Valve Cap with Handle


  • Bulk with hanger card
  • Country of Origin: Mexico
  • Convenient, easy to grip handle
  • Package Weight : 0.3 pounds

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Valterra F02-3102 Red Bulk EZ Coupler


  • EZ Coupler
  • The original self-threading coupler
  • Extends two sewer drain hoses
  • No clamps needed

GTZ RJ45 Cat5e Pass Through Connectors – Pack of 100 | EZ to Crimp Modular Plug for Solid or Stranded UTP Network Cable | Male Ethernet Connector End


  • ✅ Optimal Performance – Unshielded clear connectors reduce the distance between wire twists and contacts. They ensure a solid connection for the finest performance that inhibits frequency noise. Bullet Point
  • ✅ Easily Identify Wiring Order – The pass-through function allows the wires to pass all the way through the plug to let you verify they are in the correct order before crimping the plug Bullet Point
  • ✅ Category 5e Compatibility – rated for a Gigabit Ethernet channel compliant network, These gold plated connectors are compatible with both solid and stranded cable, They work for all style of keystone jacks and rj45 keystone inline coupler, and support 24 to 26 AWG round or flat network cable.
  • ✅ Ez to Crimp –‏ although This work for most styles and models of RJ45 crimper tools, its recommended to use a dedicated Pass through Crimper
  • ✅ In the Package – ‏ 100Pcs of Category-5e push through connectors

EZ-Fit ST to ST Coupler ST Fiber Optic Adapter ST-ST Simplex Singlemode & Multimode Coupler with Red Dust Caps 5PCS


  • ST To ST Coupler/ST To ST Fiber Optic Adapter
  • Male or Female: Female to Female
  • Dust Caps Color: Red
  • Body material: Metal
  • Applications:Test equipment,Connection of optical links in optical active devices,Jumper connection,Production and testing of optical devices,Optical fiber communication system, CATV, LANs and WANs, FTTX

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