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Here is the 10 Best cage iphone cage products for Every Budget. A good cage iphone cage products can provide endless inspiration, guidance, or enjoyment. If you are looking for the most welcoming, the best quality, and the top cage iphone cage products, our great selection in this post is your answer. After comparing and reviewing thousands of the same type of products on the market, we choose the final 10 most recommended cage iphone cage products and list them here. 


SmallRig Wireless Control Foldable Smartphone Stabilizer, Filmmaking Vlogging Rig Case Aluminum Alloy +ABS Universal Phone Cage, Fits for iPhone 13/13 Pro/Pro Max-3111


  • 【Foldable and Easy to Carry】It has foldable handles on both sides for comfortable grip, ergonomically designed with reasonable spacing. The handle can be folded into a size of 135*85mm (the size for iPhone 12), which is compact and easy to carry around.
  • 【Wireless Control for Easy Shooting】The right handle features a wireless remote control facilitate start/stop of shooting/recording, saving you more time to take high-quality videos.
  • 【Wide Application and Non-slip Sturdy】The phone cage is compatible with most mobile phones of width sizes from 63.44 mm to 99.28mm (for iPhone 13 /13 Pro /13 Pro Max / for iPhone 12 /12 Pro / 12 Pro Max and so on). Built-in rubber pads enable firm grip and protects smartphones from scratching.
  • 【Multiple Interfaces, Free Combination】Smallrig phone cage 3111 comes with three cold shoes mounts and five anti-twist 1/4”-20 threaded holes, it is highly compatible with microphones 3452, LED lights 3286, handles 2772, tripods 3108 and other accessories.
  • 【Multiple Operation Methods for Stable Shooting】The smartphone Stabilizer supports horizontal and vertical shooting. You can also install the smartphone Cage on a desktop tripod or other brackets through 1/4”threaded holes to achieve more stable video recording.


SmallRig Video Rig Cage for iPhone 13 Pro Max with Dual Cold Shoes, Aluminum Mobile Phone Stabilizer, Smartphone Video Rig cage for Filmmaking/ Videography/ Live Streaming/ Vlog- 3561


  • 【Design for iPhone 13 Pro Max】This phone video rig cage is design for iPhone 13 Pro Max, it comes with multiple 1/4”-20 threaded holes and two cold shoes for attaching SmallRig tripod 3033, side handle 2772, video light P96, microphone 3453, etc.
  • 【With External Lens Mount】The lens of this video rig can be converted to M mount or replace the lens with 17mm thread on the back plate. (Does not affect the use of Phone buttons, radar, ultra-wide-angle lens and wireless charging functions)
  • 【Quick Release and Locking Structure】One-click disassembly and assembly, and convenient operation.Support horizontal and vertical shooting can help video bloggers/Youtuber/filmmakers realize live streaming, fast filming and get the ideal photo angle.
  • 【Aluminum Alloy Material】The all-inclusive body design of all aluminum alloy material is perfectly compatible for iPhone 13 Pro Max. At the same time, it is in the protection of the mobile phone, it has a built-in gasket, which is shock-proof and scratch-proof.
  • 【What you can get】The package include 1 x video rig cage for iPhone 13 Pro Max and professional after-sales service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

The perfect price range of buying cage iphone cage products

Our selection of cage iphone cage products is designed to fit a variety of budgets, we recommend something perfect for you. The great thing about our prices is that they won’t break the bank and will still leave you with money left over after shopping. 

Finding a cage iphone cage product that fits your budget can be difficult. Fortunately, we have developed a list of the best products that are available in each price range. We hope this article helps you to find what you are looking for! 

When you’re on a budget and looking for a new product, it’s important to be able to find the item that fits your price range. Fortunately, we’ve got just what you need! Our suggested cage iphone cage products are designed with affordability in mind and come in all sorts of different sizes and styles. 


Neewer Smartphone Video Rig, Metal Handheld Stabilizer Filmmaking Cage with Cold Shoe Mounts, Vlog Videographing Accessory Compatible with iPhone 13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max, Galaxy S21, Huawei P40 – CG100


  • 【A Must-Have for Phone Videography】 This smartphone video rig CG100 is designed to improve your photography on a phone and provides more mounting options for filmmakers, Facebook & YouTube users, and video bloggers. The sides of the cage are hollowed out, allowing you to connect a headphone cable or charging cable without disassembling the cage. You can use it to quickly capture the best moments in life and edit/share them instantly
  • 【Universal Stabilizer with Wide Clamp】 Uses a spring-loaded clamp to quickly grasp and release a mobile phone with a width from 2.24”/57mm to 3.74”/95mm. Compatible with most smartphones on the market, such as 13, 13 Pro Max, 13 Pro, 13 Mini, 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, Huawei P40 / P40 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S20 5G / S20 Ultra 5G / S20+ 5G, Xiaomi, Sony, and more
  • 【Multiple Mounting Options & Wide Compatibility】 The smartphone rig has multiple 1/4”-20 threaded holes, three cold shoe mounts, and two mounting holes with standard ARRI locating pinholes for attaching Neewer tripods, LED lights, microphones, and more
  • 【Stable Video Shooting】 Easily maintain the balance of your phone by holding both sides of the rig—a handy accessory to stabilize shaky footage and enhance the handheld shooting experience. Mount it on any tripod, camera slider, stabilizer, or a Neewer skater dolly via the bottom or side 1/4”-20 holes to take better phone videos
  • 【Protective Design】 The clamp with a rubber pad ensures that your smartphone is held in place and also protects your phone from scratches. Made of aluminum alloy, the rig is lightweight yet strong


SmallRig Video Cage for iPhone 12 Pro Max, Smartphone Video Rig Mobile Cage, Cold Shoe Mount Lens Mount for iPhone 12 Pro Max Phone Photography, Film Making and Vlog-3077


  • ✅Perfect for iPhone 12 Pro Max for photography, videography, vlogging, live streaming, interviewing, and filmmaking.
  • ✅It comes with two cold shoe mounts to support a microphone 3452 and a LED light 3286, multiple 1/4 threaded holes to attach a side handle 2772, tripod BUT2664, etc., and support horizontal shooting and vertical shooting.
  • ✅Inbuilt shims help absorb shocks and prevent your phone from scratching.
  • ✅Fits for Moment V2 and Sirui Lens,the Lens Mount on the back enables you to attach an external lens to your phone easily.
  • ✅Quick-Lock design, safe and stable.

The cage iphone cage product details you must check before a purchase

Checking the details on a cage iphone cage product before buying is very important. If you are not careful, you might end up with something that doesn’t work for what you need it to do. To help you determine if the product will work for your needs, here are some things to look at when checking out a product.

We go over some ways you can check cage iphone cage product details before making your purchase. We hope this article helps out those who are looking for guidance in the world of shopping!

If you want to know more about a cage iphone cage product, there are various ways in which you can do this. For example, if you’re looking for information on the warranty that comes with a product, then it’s worth checking the manufacturer’s website or contacting customer service. In addition to this, it is also possible to check reviews from other customers who have purchased and used the same products as yourself. This way of researching before buying can help ensure that you buy something suitable for your needs and budget.

Other tips:
a.) Check the manufacturer’s website
b.) Use social media


SmallRig Universal Phone Video Rig Kit for iPhone 13 12 Pro, Aluminum Handheld Phone Cage with Handles, Video Stabilizer Rig for Vlog Videography Live Streaming -3155


  • The smartphone that you have in your pocket is already an extremely powerful production tool that you can use to capture life’s greatest memories and edit/share them instantly. Smartphone video rig 2791 is designed to expand the shooting capabilities of your smartphone and to provide more mounting options for filmmakers, YouTubers, and vlogger
  • A universal mobile phone handleld video rig which is compatible with most smartphones for mobile filmmaking, vlogging, commercials, etc.
  • The kit comes with two side handles and a top handle for a more stable handheld phone shooting.
  • It features two cold shoe mounts and multiple 1/4 threaded holes to attach accessories like a microphone 3452, a LED light 3286, a tripod BUT2664, etc.
  • Package Includes: 1 x Cage, 2 x Side Handle, 1 x Top Handle, 2 x Allen Wrench


SmallRig Smartphone Video Rig, Filmmaking Vlogging Rig Metal Case Phone Video Stabilizer Aluminium Alloy Grip Tripod with Cold Shoe Mount for Videomaker Videographer for iPhone for Huawei – CPU2391B


  • 【UNIVERSAL STABILIZER WITH WIDE JAWS】Features spring-loaded design for quick grip and release of phones from 63mm to 86mm wide, and it fits most smartphones on the market such as for iPhone 12, for iPhone 12 Pro, for iPhone 12 Pro Max, for Galaxy S20 5G, S20 Ultra 5G, S20+ 5G, for Huawei P40, P40 Pro.
  • 【KEEP ALL THE INTERFACES AVAILABLE】The cage allows you to attach the headphone cable and charging cable without detaching the cage thanks to the hollow-out design. Also, the side 1/4″-20 thread holes can be used to attach the SmallRig Mobile Phone Cable Clamp BSC2390 to ensure a tight joint of the cable
  • 【VERSATILE MOUNTING OPTIONS】The smartphone cage comes with multiple 1/4”-20 threaded holes and two cold shoes for attaching a tripod BUT2287, side handle 2772, LED light 3482, microphone 3482 , etc
  • 【PREMIUM PROTECTION FOR YOUR PHONE】The smartphone video rig is made of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber to be lightweight yet sturdier. Besides, the built-in rubber pads on the bottom ensure the smartphone in place and away from scratching
  • 【FORGET SHAKY VIDEOS】Hold both sides of the handle can easily keep the cellphone balance and greatly reduces shake, comfortable and balanced in your hands. Both vertically and horizontally Mount it onto ANY Tripod, Slider, Stabilizer or Dolly with 1/4 screws to take higher Quality videos


SmallRig Phone Video Rig, Universal Video Phone Stabilizer for iPhone 13 12 11 Pro Max with Dual Handles and Power Bank Holder, Phone Cage 3609


  • 【Exclusively Designed for iPhone Series】- SmallRig Universal Video Kit for iPhone Series 3609 is a compact, multifunctional kit designed for professional videography, live streaming and vlogging.(Fits for iPhone 6, 7, 8, X, 11, 12,13)
  • 【With Two Side Handles】-The phone video rig contains two side handles, dual-handed shooting makes the picture more stable.The smartphone stabilizer also supports horizontal and vertical shooting. You can also install the smartphone Cage on a desktop tripod or other brackets through 1/4″threaded holes to achieve more stable video recording.
  • 【With Quick-release Magnetic Power Bank Holders】- Phone cage’s back comes with a magnetic quick-release design to firmly attach a power bank holder.It can be quickly disassembled and assembled with anti-detachment function.Providing a complete power supply solution for mobile phone filming.
  • 【With Multiple Mounting Holes】- Comes with 1/4″-20 anti-twist threaded holes and cold shoes support accessories as Side Handle 2772, Tripod BUT2664, Microphone 3452 and LED Light 3286. Making your smartphone videography more professional.
  • 【Move Left and Right to Adjust Phone Position】- The smartphone holder can be moved left and right for fine adjustment to avoid blocking buttons and fixes securely an Phone even with a case on, and its built-in slip pads help increase stability and prevent scratches.

Search for high-quality cage iphone cage products is not hard

At times, it can be hard to find high-quality products that meet your needs. In order to do this, you need a guide who knows what they are doing.  You may not know where to start or how to go about finding the best product for your needs. That is why we have created this blog post on how you can search for high-quality products!  

We hope that by reading through our tips and tricks, you will be able to find the perfect product for yourself- one of which is sure to make your life easier!

The search for high-quality products is a never-ending one. What you need to know about the companies selling these products is that they are made with integrity and honesty. They put their customers first, which is why I use them myself.

So if you’re looking for high-quality products, then this blog post will be very informative for you!


SmallRig Handheld Video Rig kit for iPhone 12 Pro Max, Aluminum Mobile Cage Phone Stabilizer Kit w Cold Shoe for Photography, Videography, vlogging, Live Streaming, Interviewing, and Filmmaking 3176


  • 【For iPhone12 Pro Max Video Cage Kit】The kit comes with a side handle for a more stable handheld phone shooting. Specially designed for iPhone12 Pro max to shoot video, blog, and movie shooting.
  • 【Compatible with Moment V2 and Sirui Lens 】compatible with Moment V2 and for Sirui lens, you can do more professional photography, videography, vlogging, live streaming, interviewing, and filmmaking.
  • 【Matching More Accessories】Handheld smartphone video rig is equipped with two cold shoe mounts and multiple 1/4 threaded holes, you can install lighting, microphones, handles, tripods, etc. In addition, there are 1/4 screw holes on the side and both ends, which can be used for horizontal or vertical shooting. Compatible with SmallRig mini tripod BUT2664/BUT2429/3033/BUT2287.
  • 【Easy to Install】The quick-lock design enables quick installation and unlocking.
  • 【Safety Protection】 EVA and facecloth cushioning material are used on the phone cage inside to protect your smartphone from scratches.


SmallRig Phone Cage for iPhone 12 Pro, Smartphone Video Rig Aluminum Phone Video Stabilizer for Photography, Film Making,Videomaker and Vlogging-3075


  • 【FOR IPHONE 12 PRO CAGE】The form-fitting SmallRig smartphone cage for iPhone 12 Pro is designed to provide mounting holes for more accessories so that vloggers/Youtubers/filmmakers can achieve live streaming, filming and get the ideal angle for photos.
  • 【COMPATIBLE WITH SIRUI LENS MOUNT 】It Compatible with sirui lens mount/filter mount, compatible with a wide variety of conversion lenses.Does not support 17mm connected lenses.
  • 【ONE DEVICES ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES】The smartphone cage comes with multiple 1/4”-20 threaded holes and two cold shoes for attaching a tripod, LED light, microphone, etc. Multiple 1/4 threaded holes in the top, bottom, left and right sides to attach different accessories on your needs, like SmallRig Aluminum Side Handle HSS2424/2772, SmallRig Tabletop Mini Tripod BUT2429,BUT2664, etc.
  • 【MUST-HAVE FOR PHONE PHOTOGRAPHY】The smartphone in your pocket is already an extremely powerful production tool to capture life’s greatest memories. SmallRig phone cage 3075 is designed to expand the shooting capabilities of your smartphone camera and to provide more mounting options. It supports both horizontal shooting and vertical shooting.
  • 【HOLLOW-OUT DESIGN】the hollow-out design avoids the interface and antenna area of phone to avert the risk of signal interference. The newly designed Quick-Lock ensures a tight fit and a way to mount/dismount your phone quickly.


Beastcage for iPhone 11 Pro Max. Professional Camera cage for iPhone with Integrated Cold Shoe Mount, Tripod mounts and Interchangeable Lens Mount Interface. from Beastgrip.


  • The most advanced iPhone photography and filmmaking cage ever made, with all-new upgrades
  • Compatible with all Beastgrip lenses and filters, including the M series lenses and DOF Adapters, and Moment, Moondog Labs, Sandmarc and Sirui lenses
  • Perfect fit for your iPhone 11 Pro Max without any setup, Quick locking cover secures and releases your phone within seconds
  • Toolless, quick release lens mount allows you to swap between any of our lens mount plates easily
  • Includes eight built-in ¼”-20 accessory mounts, one cold shoe mount, two large neck strap mounts and custom accessory mounts for attaching dedicated handles, grips, etc.

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