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SEACHOICE Hot Dipped Galvanized Deluxe Anchor 13S 41730


  • Wide flukes are suitable for a variety of seafloor compositions
  • Excellent weight to holding power ratio
  • Recommended for boats 25-30 feet in length
  • Fluke Length: 14-1/16 inch
  • Stock Width: 24-7/16 inch

SEACHOICE Galvanized Anchor Lead Chain 5/16″ x 5′ 44141, Unspecified


  • Grade 30 chain designed for anchoring applications
  • Enhances holding power and abrasion resistance
  • Size: 5/16 inch x 5 feet
  • Work Load: 1,875 pounds
  • Break Strength: 7,500 pounds
  • Includes two 5/16” galvanized shackles

SEACHOICE Galvanized Anchor Lead Chain 3/16 x 4′ 44101, Unspecified


  • Grade 30 chain designed for anchoring applications
  • Enhances holding power and abrasion resistance
  • Size: 3/16 inch x 4 feet
  • Work Load: 705 pounds
  • Break Strength: 3,000 pounds

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Five Oceans FO3686 Delta Style Boat Anchor Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel, 22 Pounds (10kg) Premium Series


  • Made of high-quality hot-dipped galvanized steel. Built on the most efficient designs of the delta style anchors worldwide to provide superior holding power
  • The FO3686 weighs 22 pounds (10kg). Suggested for boats up to 42 feet in length. All anchor’s size recommendations are in general because they also depend on the boat’s hull design and not only on its length
  • Heavy-duty and corrosion-free construction provide excellent performance for long-term performance. Their self-launching design works very well with the most popular anchor rollers
  • The first Delta design was created in 1980 since then, the Delta designs have been improved these Five Oceans Premium series are an excellent option for your boat
  • These Five Oceans anchors with Delta design have higher values of holding power they are recommended as main anchors on board and are ideal for overnight cruising. FIVE OCEANS, 40 YEARS developing High-Quality Marine & Outdoor Products

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US Galvanized Medium Link 5/16″ (8.7mm) ISO G43 High Test Anchor Chain HDG x 10′ with HDG Shackles


  • Medium Link Anchor Chain ISO G43 High Test
  • Galvanized G43 High Test Chain
  • One length of 10′ with Galvanized Shackles
  • HDG (Hot Dipped Galvanized) chain is rust and corrosion resistant in even harsh conditions- for long service life.
  • Medium Link Anchor Chain – Breaking Load 11650lbs

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US Galvanized Windlass 3/8″ x 6′ ISO G4 Anchor Chain HDG with Galvanized Shackles


  • Windlass Anchor Chain ISO G4
  • Galvanized G4 Chain – fits many modern windlasses
  • Short Link Windlass Chain
  • HDG (Hot Dipped Galvanized) chain is rust and corrosion resistant in even harsh conditions- for long service life.
  • Chain Breaking Load = 16100lbs Shackle Breaking Load = 11200lbs

VEVOR Anchor Chain, 20′ x 5/16″ Galvanized Steel Chain, 3/8″ Anchor Chain Shackle, 11650lbs Anchor Lead Chain Breaking Load, 9460lbs Anchor Chain Shackle Breaking Load, Anchor Chain for Boats


  • Durable Galvanized Steel: Our marine 20 feet boat anchor chain is made of galvanized steel 5/16″ with two 3/8″ bow buckles. Chain break load: 11,650 lbs. Shackles break load: 9,460 lbs. Increased durability of our chain will help properly set your anchor for years to come with superior construction.
  • 12″ Extended Anchor Chain: The heavy boat anchor chain has an additional 30 cm/12 in based on 10 feet, which is convenient for you to use. And this chain line adopts high-quality welding process, the welding joint is thermoweld first, and then welded again with the welding wire, not direct welding, to avoid fracture and cracks. If you are looking for a more reliable anchor chain, this is your solution.
  • Two Quality Bow Shackles: Large 3/8″ galvanized steel bow shackles are designed to work with almost all anchor lines. Our thread bow shackles to avoid loosening and falling from the anchor chain.
  • Reliable Anchor Chain: The use of an anchor lead chain enhances the anchor’s holding power by keeping the shank parallel to the lake bed or seafloor, helping to eliminate unwanted pull-out or anchor freeing caused by wave motion or boat drifting.
  • Work with Different Anchors: Our anchor chain can be used with almost all boat anchors. Like the traditional claw anchors, box anchors, fluke anchors, and others. And boat anchor lead chain can spend a long time in the water and the sun.

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Extreme Max 3006.6669 BoatTector Galvanized Folding/Grapnel Anchor – 13 lbs.


  • Folding/Grapnel Anchor
  • Perfectly sized for PWC, dinghies, inflatable boats, canoes, jon boats and more
  • For best performance use in grass, weeds, rocky or hard bottom conditions
  • Easy folding and compact storage
  • Ideally suited for short holds in low to no current

CONFAST 1/2″ x 5-1/2″ Galvanized Wedge Anchor (Box of 25)


  • GALVANIZED – Helps prevent rusting in moist environments
  • WIDE RANGE OF SIZES – Insures proper fastener for best results
  • PACKAGED WITH NUTS AND WASHERS – Fast, quick, complete installation
  • HOLE SIZE IS ANCHOR SIZE – Simplicity and ease of installation

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